Category: cello

  • The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan

    25 pieces for violin, cello, bass clarinet, percussion, SATB chorus and vocal soloistsVarious selections, including Sneaky (1:30), Bullfight (4:00), Burlesque (5:00), Minotaur Cave (3:15) In 2002, puppeteer, author and musician Judd Palmer heard a performance of The Benevolent Predator, and was moved to exclaim “By God, you simply must write music for a show by…

  • Starfish

    for solo cello (2:00) played by Caroline Kim.

  • Black Jacques

    for string quartet (6:30)or string orchestra (6:30) This piece is dedicated to the memory of Jack (1980? – 1996), a snaggle-toothed feline who came to stay with the Fenwick family for a night and lingered for many years. Much of Black Jacques’ thematic material was plundered from two well-known songs: “Frere Jacques” and “Hit the…

  • The Benevolent Predator

    for electric violin, cello, alto saxophone, synthesizer, piano, percussion (7:00)   The Benevolent Predator was hatched in 2002 especially for the Land’s End Chamber Ensemble.  He… or she… was unleashed during the group’s cabaret at Calgary’s Beat Niq Jazz and Social Club, in March of that year.  Her distinctive call was heard again in November 2006,…

  • Girl, Tomorrow Never Knows if Norwegians Would

    (Lennon/McCartney – 6:00)

  • Variations on the Huron Carol

    For String Quartet (traditional – 6:00)

  • Arrangements for string quartet

    Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Waller – 3:30) Girl, Tomorrow Never Knows if Norwegians Would (Lennon/McCartney – 6:00) Smile (Chaplin – 2:30) Variations on the Huron Carol (traditional – 6:00)