Lakeside is a piece for solo viola, digital soundscape and digital video (10:00).  It  honours the life and legacy of the late Leonard Leacock, and was created as part of Mount Royal University’s Centennial Celebrations.

Leonard Leacock was an accomplished composer, pianist, and photographer, but his greatest achievement was enriching the lives of generations of Mount Royal Conservatory students by giving them piano lessons, during a tenure that spanned seven decades.  In keeping with Leacock’s dedication to educating young people, several talented Conservatory students recorded contributions to the soundscape of the piece: Caroline Kim, Clio Mawdsley, Krishan Power, Scott Ross-Molyneux, and Natalie Wiebe.

The solo viola part was performed by Gabe Kastelic.

Four Calgary artists collaborated to create Lakeside: visual artists Mirian Fabijan and Oli
Siska, and sound composers George Fenwick and Laurie Radford.  Through the creative process, the artists have paid homage to Mr. Leacock’s lasting contribution to the Mount Royal Conservatory, and to the
cultural life of Calgary.  The piece was premiered in September, 2011.

[mp3j track=”Lakeside@16_Lakeside.mp3″ ]




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