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    Lakeside is a piece for solo viola, digital soundscape and digital video (10:00).  It  honours the life and legacy of the late Leonard Leacock, and was created as part of Mount Royal University’s Centennial Celebrations.

    Leonard Leacock was an accomplished composer, pianist, and photographer, but his greatest achievement was enriching the lives of generations of Mount Royal Conservatory students by giving them piano lessons, during a tenure that spanned seven decades.  In keeping with Leacock’s dedication to educating young people, several talented Conservatory students recorded contributions to the soundscape of the piece: Caroline Kim, Clio Mawdsley, Krishan Power, Scott Ross-Molyneux, and Natalie Wiebe.

    The solo viola part was performed by Gabe Kastelic.

    Four Calgary artists collaborated to create Lakeside: visual artists Mirian Fabijan and Oli
    Siska, and sound composers George Fenwick and Laurie Radford.  Through the creative process, the artists have paid homage to Mr. Leacock’s lasting contribution to the Mount Royal Conservatory, and to the
    cultural life of Calgary.  The piece was premiered in September, 2011.

    [mp3j track=”Lakeside@16_Lakeside.mp3″ ]


    Frank Slide, Alberta

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    for SATB chorus with Mezzo-soprano soloist (5:00) Text by Aislinn Hunter

    Everyone who has driven through the Crowsnest Pass in Southwestern Alberta knows about the incredible devastation caused by the Frank Slide.

    The Geological Survey of Canada website says this about the event:

    Failure occurred at 4:30 am, April 29, 1903, when 30...

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    Durham Twilight

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    for string orchestra (6:00)

    When I think of County Durham, in Northern England, two things usually come to mind.  First are my ancestors, who hail from that part of the world.  At the time I wrote Durham Twilight, the generation of Fenwicks and Bousteads that were born early in the second decade of the 20th Century, including my Dad, had recently passed away. The second is the magnificent, mysterious and ancient Durham Cathedral, one of the finest examples of Norman architecture in Europe.

    Durham Twilight was premiered by the Calgary Chamber Players, under the direction of Chris Sandvoss, in November 1999.  It was also performed at the Jack Singer Concert Hall by Rolf Bertsch and the Calgary Civic Symphony in November, 2010.

    The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan

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    25 pieces for violin, cello, bass clarinet, percussion, SATB chorus and vocal soloistsVarious selections, including Sneaky (1:30), Bullfight (4:00), Burlesque (5:00), Minotaur Cave (3:15)

    In 2002, puppeteer, author and musician Judd Palmer heard a performance of The Benevolent Predator, and was moved to exclaim “By God, you simply must write music for a show...

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    Waiting for the First Crocus

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    for violin and piano (4:00)

    I wrote this piece as a Christmas present for my late Mum, Mary Fenwick, in 1996, and revised the piano part in 2001.

    One of her great joys was spotting the first crocus of the year, its purple flower standing out against a thin blanket of snow.

    While writing this piece, I imagined her as a girl, staring out a window at a bleak February prairie landscape, keeping faith that the days were getting longer, and better weather was on its way.

    I think of her, and this music, as I make my annual spring pilgrimage to the banks of the Elbow River above Sandy Beach, Calgary, where crocuses are abundant.

    In the fall of 2002, Andrea Davison (piano) and Diane Lane (violin) made a lovely recoding of this piece