Category: Solo

  • Lakeside

    Lakeside is a piece for solo viola, digital soundscape and digital video (10:00).  It  honours the life and legacy of the late Leonard Leacock, and was created as part of Mount Royal University’s Centennial Celebrations. Leonard Leacock was an accomplished composer, pianist, and photographer, but his greatest achievement was enriching the lives of generations of…

  • Frank Slide, Alberta

    for SATB chorus with Mezzo-soprano soloist (5:00) Text by Aislinn Hunter Everyone who has driven through the Crowsnest Pass in Southwestern Alberta knows about the incredible devastation caused by the Frank Slide. The Geological Survey of Canada website says this about the event: Failure occurred at 4:30 am, April 29, 1903, when 30 million cubic…

  • Starfish

    for solo cello (2:00) played by Caroline Kim.

  • Sea Horses

    for solo clarinet (1:45) played by Krishan Power  

  • Lonely Lake Revisited

    for solo harp (1:30)

  • Fickle

    for solo piano (9:00)

  • Chamber and Solo Instrumental Music

    The Benevolent Predator for electric violin, cello, alto saxophone, synthesizer, piano, percussion (7:00) Black Jacques for string quartet (6:30) Compassion for string quartet (11:30) Fickle for solo piano (9:00) Lonely Lake Revisited for solo harp (1:30) The Persistence of Memory: Dances for Bass Trio (6:30) Sea Horses for solo clarinet (1:45) Starfish for solo cello…